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A crowdfunding campaign to release Yuri Esposito in theatres

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Dear friends of Biennale College – Cinema,

as you already know, Yuri Esposito was one of the highlights of the 70. Venice International Film Festival 2013. A crowdpleaser for the audience, it gathered also rave reviews both from italian and international press (from film critics such as Mick LaSalle and Richard Corliss). One of the three finalist projects of the 1st edition of Biennale College – Cinema, and the very first of them to screen in Venice, Yuri Esposito hasn’t been released in italian theatres yet. The team behind the movie (director Alessio Fava and producer Max Chicco) decided to start a crowdfunding campaign to bring Yuri Esposito in theatres by themselves.

Alessio sais:

My biggest desire is that the movie could be released in theatres so we’ll be able to share this simple story with so many aspects and relevances: everyone can identify himself with it, everyone can both laugh and cry. Yuri Esposito is like me and like you all.

Max adds:

The adventure of Yuri Esposito didn’t finish with its premiere in Venice. Today we’re all in frontline to release together the movie in theatres,

By contributing to the campaign, you’ll get a different reward depending on the amount of money you’re giving: for example, you can get a free download of the movie of be an active part of it. We all here at Biennale College – Cinema firmly believe that the movie worths it. We believe you will fall in love with Yuri Esposito. So help Alessio, Max and all the crew to bring the movie out there, and overall spread the word!