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David Horler is a magna cum laude film school graduate (AFDA) based in Cape Town having worked between South Africa and the Middle East. He has produced over 15 short films alongside freelance production on notable projects such as music videos for Coldplay (Paradise) and Kanye West (Mercy) as well as short films for West (Cruel Summer) and Jenna Bass’s The Tunnel, which premiered at Sundance in 2010. As well as attendance at various production markets and laboratories on full scholarships such as Durban FilmMart, Rotterdam Lab, IFP No Borders, EAVE Producer’s Workshop and now Biennale College Cinema among others, he has also dedicated time to non-profit education initiatives such as Hollywood Heart. With his newly formed production company Proper Film, his slate includes six feature and short length projects, which all attempt making use of mixed genre, experimental technologies and narrative innovation aimed at enhancing the classical way a viewer engages with storytelling.