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Eliane Ferreira, 1971, has been working in the film industry since 1995. She has produced the films: “Fabricating Tom Ze” (Fabricando Tom Zé) (2006) – Décio Matos Jr (feature-length documentary), winner of the best documentary by popular jury in both the 2006 edition of the Rio de Janeiro Film Festival and the 2006 edition of the Sao Paulo International Film Festival, “Fish Dreams” (Sonhos de Peixe) (2006), by Russian director Kirill Mikhanovsky (prix jeune at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival) and “O Guri” (2011) – Zeca Brito (fiction feature film).
In the last year Eliane has produced the feature documentary “Vida” by Tatiana Villela, which has been selected for the 2013 edition of the Sao Paulo International Film Festival and the feature film “Bullet With No Name” (Bala sem nome) by Felipe Cagno, which was filmed in 14 days with a very small budget of U$ 25,000.00. The film is currently in post-production. Recently produced the feature film “Red Russian” (Vermelho Russo) by Charly Braun, completely filmed in Russia.
Is currently working as producer and executive producer of the feature animation in stereoscopy 3D “Lino”, directed by Rafael Ribas and produced by Start Anima alongside Fox Films.
She was the executive producer for the films “The Silver Cliff” (O Abismo Prateado) by Karim Aïnouz (selected for the Quinzaine des réalisateurs – Cannes 2011) and “Heleno” by José Henrique Fonseca (2011). Recently, she has worked as the executive producer for the feature film “Thirty” (Trinta) by Paulo Machline and “Orphans of Eldorado” (Órfãos do Eldorado) by Guilherme Coelho filmed in Amazonia.
She has also produced the short films: “Desequilibrium” (Desequilíbrio) (2004) – Francisco Garcia (short fiction / winner of best photography in the 32o Gramado Film Festival 2004); “Regular Gas” (Gasolina Comum) (2004) – Marcelo Tintin Trotta; “Nanoilusion” (Nanoilusão) (2005) – Francisco Garcia and Wagner Garcia; “The Tail of The Dinosaur” (A Cauda do Dinossauro) (2007) by Francisco Garcia; “Armada: The Other Side of The Discovery” (A Armada: o outro lado do descobrimento) (2008) by Ric Oliveira. And the short “Last Second” (Último Segundo) by Dainara Toffoli (in post).
Currently she is working on the development and funding of the feature films “Fazenda do Ribeirão do Qüeba” and “The wife of the man who eats laser beams” by Helvecio Marins Jr., “Full Night” by Ricardo Elias, “For Francisco” (Para Francisco) and “The List” (A Lista) by Dainara Toffoli, “The Desert” (O Deserto) by Snir Wein, “Fight of the Century” (A Luta do Século) by Sergio Machado, “Sun” (Sol) by Lô Politi, “Too Good to be True” (Bom demais para ser verdade) by Felipe Cagno.
As a post producer supervisor, Eliane has worked on over 40 feature films.