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In 1994 after finishing high school in Okayama, Hasei moved to Tokyo where he started working in the art world.
In 1998 he created and directed the art and creative space named “Obscure Gallery”. In the same year Hasei published independent art, photo and music magazines. In 2001 he realized his first documentary: “W/O”. The film was screened at the Rotterdam Film Festival, Austrian Viennale and New York “Moma” Festival and at The Seoul Net Festival in Corea where it was awarded with the Digital Express Prize.
In 2003 Hasei started to direct music and fashion videos.
In 2007, he directed his second film, “Godog”, in a dump site in Manila where he spent several weeks. The short movie has been awarded with the First Prize – Kustendolf Film Festival (2009) in Serbia. In 2008, he worked in Sergei Bodrov’s movie ”MONGOL” as set photographer.
In these years he never stopped to travel around world, visiting over 25 countries and meeting their different cultures.