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Saverio Pesapane graduated in 2006 in architecture and urbanism with a thesis work in form of a documentary (“Lost Highway”), about the highways between Napoli and Caserta, in southern Italy, and the territories around them.

In 2008 he wrote “A Water Tale”, a short movie included in “Stories on Human Rights”, a collective project commissioned by the UN for the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In the same year he wrote “Aral Citytellers”, a documentary film shot on the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan. In 2009 he wrote Dubai Citytellers, a documentary about new slavery in Dubai, produced by Unicredit & Art. In these documentary films he’s also assistant director.

In 2012 he wrote and directed “It’s countryside”, a documentary realized in the Nile Valley and Cairo, Egypt.

In 2013 he won the “Premio Solinas”, the most important Italian award for scriptwriting, with “Una Buona Ragione”, a story for a feature film.

In 2016 he finished “Devotional”, a feature documentary film about the revolution and the elections in Egypt, following different characters involved in the revolutionary movements and supporting different presidential candidates, until the deposition of Mohamed Morsi, the elected president, with a coup d’etat. He wrote the feature film, “Ngujuar”, that was selected by Biennale College 2015.

He teaches Urbanism at Politecnico, Milan.