Which projects can be eligible for the production grant?

Any project lasting at least 60’: feature films, feature animation, documentaries, transmedia projects. Projects below 60’ will not be considered.



Who can partecipate?

Filmmakers from all around the world are welcome but the application must be presented in team made of two people: director (first or second feature) and a producer.



What’s the criteria for a director to be eligible? 

Director must have a minimum experience in the field and they must present their skills presenting one or two previous works.

These works can be: shortfilms, music videos, commercials, features, documentaries, series.


What’s the criteria for a producer to be eligible?

Producers must have produced at least three audio-visual works (shortfilms/music video/commercials) or one feature or one documentary that has circulted in the cinema festival. The producer must take responsibility for the project from the early submission stage until the final delivery.



Can we apply as co-director?

Yes, you can present your project also as co-director but please be aware that in case of selection you have to cover the expenses for the additional member of your team (travel, accommodation, meals and transport in Venice). Both directors have to fullfil the requirements of 1st or 2nd feature.



I am a director but I don’t have a producer attached to the project. Can I apply?
I am a producer/writer with a project but I don’t have a director on board. Can I apply?
The application must be presented only in team made by director and producer. Application presented by a director or producer only will not be considered.



Can the same person apply as director and producer?

The same person can’t apply solo as director and producer. The application must be presented in team.



Can an indipendent producer apply if he/she presents the application attached to a production company?

Yes, sure. An independent producer can apply if he fulfills the requirements of the call.



Can an association with proved experience in film production apply?

Associations and institution with proved experience in film producer can apply to the program providing to present with a dedicated producer attached to the project.



Can I apply as producer if I have worked in distribution in the past?

No, it’s mandatory to prove experience in the production field.



I am working with two producers, they work in team. Can I apply having them on board?
You have to choose one producer who will lead the project through the all process.



Can writers be part of the team?

The program is dedicated to team made by director and producer. When the director and the screenwriter are not the same person, in case of selection at the first workshop, it is strongly recommended that both the director and the screenwriter participate. However, the Biennale College Cinema program will only cover the cost of board and lodging for 2 people.



I am an actor – Can I apply to the program?

No. Only team made by director and producer are eligible.



Can a team apply with more than one project?

No. Each team can only apply with one project.



Can a production company present more than one team?

Sure, they can providing that the members of the team are different for each project presented.



If selected, can a different team from the one applying participate in the workshop?

No, the same team applying has to be the one participating in the workshop.







What’s the deadline for applications?

For Biennale College Cinema – Italia, the deadline is April 20th 2020 (23:59 CET).

For Biennale College Cinema – International the deadline is July 1st 2020 (23:59 CET).



How can I apply?

The application has to be presented by filling the online form.



Can I send my application via mail?

No. The application must be sent online only.



Has the application to be presented in English?

Yes, all the documents required for the application have to be presented in English. We recommend to subtitle in English the previous works.

We remind that the workshop will be held in English.



Can an applicant that has being already selected and had participated in the previous year, re-apply?

No, an applicant that has already being selected and had participated in the workshop, cannot re-apply.



Does the Biennale College – Cinema have a theme?

No. Participants can treat whatever theme they prefer.



Can I apply with a project that has already received funds for development or production?

No. One of the goal of the program is to explore what’s possible to achieve with a limited budget of € 150,000.00. This budget includes also the development process.



Can I receive feedback on my project before I present the application?

No, our program doesn’t include this option.



What’s the items that have to be included in the budget?

In the application form you’ll find a budget model to follow.



Is VAT included in the € 150,000.00?

Yes, if the VAT is a cost.



Can I raise additional production fundings? Can I receive additional fundings from other institutions/companies?

No. Each project has to present a budget of € 150,000.00. The goal of the program is to explore micro-budget productions.



Can I send a script?

No. You only have to present a synopsis and a treatment. The first draft of the script will be asked in a second moment, after the end of the first workshop.



Is the Biennale College – Cinema inviting directly team to apply to the program?

Biennale College – Cinema can invite teams to apply in order to reach its goals. These application will be treated as the others.



Can I add additional documentation?

Directors can present maximum two previous projects. Show reels will not be accepted.



Am I allowed to present a project for a budget less than € 150,000.00?

Yes, sure.



What’s the “right disclosure”?

By ticking the box “I accept” in the “Right Disclosure” field, you confirm to La Biennale di Venezia that you owns the rights of the project and you’re entitled to use the script to produce the audiovisual work. You also confirm that the payment of possibile rights for third parties, have already been processed (or it’s in process) and it’s included in the € 150,000.00 budget. The final three selected team accessing the production grant will sign an agreement with La Biennale di Venezia.



What’s the “Video Presentation” of the director? Are there specific criterias to follow?

It’s a video message from the director presenting himself/herself and his/her work. Each director is free to choose the best way to realize it. The video must be presented in English.



What’s the “Director’s Vision”?

The director’s vision is the decription of the visual and artistic environment of the project.

It can be presented in different ways: as a mood board, as a project book (pages of story board, colour script, drawings or photos), as a video (max. 3 minutes). It’s the visual complement to the concept.



What’s the “Audience Engagement Plan”?

It’s a document where the team describes the strategies planned to engage and attract the public, even if it’s a niche one.



What’s the “Casting Idea”?

This document describes what’s the cast you want to involve in your project; it’s not necessary to draft a list of actors or send letter of intent received from actors; you can send photo references to support the document.



What do you expect in the treatment/Micro budget concept?

The treatment is generally a longer and detailed text respect to a synopsis. It can includes information on the directorial style. Often the treatment is written as the whole story of the film, in its simplest form, without the dialogues.



Is there a particolar location where the project has to be shoot?

No. There are no limitations. You can shoot all around the world.



Is it possible to present a budget in a different currency rather than Euros if the total amount correspond to € 150,000.00?

No. Budget must be presented in Euros.






It seems I cannot upload my files, what shall I do?

The first option is to try the upload using a different browser or more than one, if necessary.

Secondly, please remind that the total weight of the application has to be max 3 MB.

If you still face problem with the upload, please send an e-mail to:



Can I send a DVD of my previous works?

No, it’s mandatory to receive the complete application through our web-form.






What’s the criteria used in the selection?

The most important aspect for the selection committee is the artistic value and then the feasibility of the project. Biennale College – Cinema doesn’t apply strict rules and every application will be valued for its particular qualities.



When will the selected projects be announced?
For Biennale College – Cinema Italia, the selection will be notified approximately at the end of May 2020.

For Biennale College – Cinema International, the selection will be announced in the course of a dedicated press conference during the 77th Venice International Film Festival.







If my application is selected, do I have to participate in the workshop? How long is the whole process?

Yes, teams selected for BCC-Italia have to attend a workshop in Venice  (June, 30th – July, 4th ; arrival day: June 29th, departure day: July 5th)

Teams selected for BCC-International have to participate in a workshop taking place in Venice from October 3rd - 12th 2020. (arrival day 2nd – departure day 13th).

The four final projects will participate in two additional workshops in Venice scheduled for December 2020 and January 2021.



Does the film has to be ready for the 78th Venice International Film Festival in 2021?

Yes, the four selected projects have to be ready for the 78th Venice International Film Festival in September 2021.



Will La Biennale di Venezia acquire the rights of the projects? What’s the agreement with Biennale College – Cinema?

Director and producer will have the complete right on the film that will be world premiered in Venice. Once the final selection is made, the teams will sign an agreement with La Biennale di Venezia, defining all the details.



If my project is selected among the finalists, how will the grant be distributed?

The grant will be paid in three installments according with the different production schedules agreed during the last workshop in January.



What’s the minimum length of the project?

Each project has to last at least 60 minutes.



What’s the format of the project to be presented at the Venice Film Festival?

The audio visual projects have to be presented in DCP format.







Will I receive a feedback if my application will be denied?

No, the Biennale College – Cinema does not discuss or give specific feedback on the non-selected projects.