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02/10/2013 ˑ 

Part of IFP’s No Borders International Co-Production Market

Posted by Shireen Seno

It was an honor to have been invited to participate in IFP’s No Borders International Co-Production Market in New York City last week (September 16-19), where we shared some images from a recent ‘mood test’ we did for Nervous Translation.

29/09/2013 ˑ 

Support from Rotterdam’s Hubert Bals Fund

Posted by Shireen Seno

Happy to share that Nervous Translation was one of 11 projects selected for the Hubert Bals Fund’s Script & Project Development grant in Spring 2013!

Read the official announcement and full slate

The Hubert Bals Fund (HBF) is an initiative of International Film Festival Rotterdam that provides grants to bring remarkable or urgent feature films by innovative and talented filmmakers from developing countries closer to completion.

More on the Hubert Bals Fund

07/02/2013 ˑ 

Official presentation at La Biennale di Venezia

Posted by John Torres
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15/01/2013 ˑ 

Nervous Translation: synopsis

Posted by Shireen Seno

A eight-year old girl, nervous to a fault, lives in her own private world. One day she finds out about a pen that can “translate” the thoughts and feelings of nervous people.