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29/10/2013 ˑ 

“How did you meet?”

Posted by Christina Choe

“Gerry Kim and I met at film school where we were both enrolled at Columbia University’s MFA Film Program. Gerry helped to produce my very first narrative short, The Queen, back when I did not know anything about how to run a set. Since working with Gerry on my first film, we have worked together on several of my other shorts, and were also in development for another feature. Because Gerry and I both come from documentary backgrounds and Gerry is also a writer, I felt that I could trust him creatively. He is somebody who not only knows the practical aspects of producing but also comes from a similar artistic mind frame which is very important for our collaboration”.

06/10/2013 ˑ 

Short synopsis / Sinossi breve

Posted by Christina Choe

Nancy, a 40-year-old serial imposter, lives at home with her abusive, elderly mother. Desperate for love and connection, she creates a fake blog and catfishes a lover, until her hoaxes cause epic and tragic consequences.

Nancy, una impostore seriale di 40′anni, vive a casa con la madre anziana e violenta. Disperatamente in cerca di amore e contatti, crea un blog fittizio e adesca virtualmente un uomo, finché i suoi imbrogli non portano a tragiche ed enormi conseguenze.