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Biennale College Cinema VR: the 12-19 January 2021 workshop

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The workshop for the 5th Biennale College Cinema – Virtual Reality International was held entirely in virtual mode from January 12th to Jan. 19th 2021.

Using the Raum platform, the virtual workshop remotely connected the staff of the Biennale College – Cinema with the 12 selected teams from Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, Cuba, France, Germany, Great Britain, Israel, Italy, Romania, and Turkey.

Three projects will later be selected from this group, one of which will presented in the Venice VR Expanded section of the 78th Venice International Film Festival (1 – 11 September 2021), directed by Alberto Barbera.


The 12 projects that participated in this Biennale College Cinema VR workshop are:

· Alternative Realities
dir: Ana Corrie (UK); prod: Valentina Noya (Italy)
· Duchampiana 2.0
dir: Lilian Hess (Germany); prod: Sarah Arnaud (France)
· GulliVR
dir: Ricardo Karman (Brazil); prod: Bernardo Galegale (Brazil)
· Highlife
dir: Tomas Koucky (Czech Rep.); prod: Vit Hasek, Jindrich Trcka (Czech Rep.)
· Human – Violins
dir: Ioana Mischie (Romania); prod: Sorin Baican, Theodora Giurgiuveanu (Romania)
· Lavrynthos
dir: Amir Admoni (Brazil); prod: Fabio Rychter (Brazil)
· Origen VR
dir: Emilia Chiquetti (Argentina); prod: Andres Waisberg (Argentina)
· Senza Freni
dir: Matteo Nicoletta (Italy); prod: Sara Barbara (Italy)
· Tales of the March
dir: Stefano Casertano (Germany); prod: Stefano Bethlen (Italy)
· The Broom
dir: Nimrod Shapira (Israel); prod: Nadav Hekselman (Israel)
· The Eyes of Mila Kaos
dir: Yimit Ramírez González (Cuba); prod: Claudia Haedo Azor (Cuba)
· The Last Party VR
dir: Caffarelli, Barbieri Marchi – Collettivo Alterazioni Video (Italy); prod: Elisa Del Prete (Italy)


The Biennale College Cinema – Virtual Reality project enjoys significant funding from the MEDIA – Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission – Directorate General Connect. The educational activities will be supported by the MEDIA contribution. This contribution comes in addition to the support given by the MEDIA Programme to the development of the Venice Production Bridge.

The Biennale College Cinema, organized by La Biennale di Venezia, enjoys the support of the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism – General Direction Cinema. It is sponsored by the Università Telematica Pegaso. Biennale College – Cinema relies on the academic collaboration of The Gotham Film & Media Institute, New York and the TorinoFilmLab. The Director is Alberto Barbera, Head of Programme is Savina Neirotti.