Silvia was born in Rome on April 1, 1988: she approaches the cinematography at about 16 throughout video editing, and she keeps cultivating her passion for cinema during law school,
taking intern jobs in the sectors of movie direction and production.
Her training has been on the job, and her experience was developed in years of collaborations on the set. Beyond these competencies directly acquired on the set, she mastered her experience winning a grant at the New York Film Academy and studying screenplay with Daniela Ceselli.
She currently works as assistant director. Between 2018 and 2019 Silvia worked for productions like Wildside and Cinema11 and for directors like Riccardo Milano, Alessio Maria Federici and Gianni Costantino.
In the meantime, she carried several projects as movie writer: she wrote and directed the shortmovies “Organismi Multipli” and “Tutto il mondo è paese”, winning with the latter several
awards and running for finals in multiple festivals. From this shortmovie the idea of “Diritto al Corto” was born. “Diritto al corto” is an international social!legal related shortmovie festival, an initiative promoted by the University of Roma Tre and sponsored by MIBACT and Regione Lazio.
Currently Silva has in project a short movie animation production titled “The Oak Does Not Fall at the First Blow” and a live action inspired by the events of Caivano titled “Assemblea straordinaria per rumori molesti durante l’ora del riposo”. This same topic can also be found in her opera prima ! “La Santa Piccola – The Holy Baby” ! throughout the little Annaluce’s events.