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Kenneth Mercken was a national amateur cycling champion in 2000. On his way of becoming a pro cyclist, he discovers that his body is not responding to the illegal, yet generaly used performance enhancing drugs. A renowned cycling doc offers him the only solution; a permanent growth hormone therapy, which however implies a high risk of cancer. Dissilusioned with the sport, he turns his back on his boyhood dream and on a whim, enrolls in a film school.

In 2011, he graduates from the Brussels film academy RITS with The Letter, a short film based on his cycling experiences. It wins him the jury prize at the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival and the VAF Wildcard (60.000 euro in funds and a post production budget). In 2012 he attends the Binger Writer’s lab where he starts develloping his first feature film: Coureur. With this project he is currently participating in the Script&Pitch program of Torino Filmlab.

Kenneth is also working on another feature: Imaculat. The project has been selected for the Biennale college – cinema 2013/14.