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Shruti Ganguly is a producer and director based in NYC, creating, developing and producing content for James Franco’s Rabbit Bandini Productions. She is also a Senior Producer at MTV World, spearheading MTV Desi, which targets the South Asian youth market. She is the first graduate of NYU’s dual MBA-­‐MFA program and, while at school, she was a Kenshin Oshima Scholar and Wayfare Fellow. Shruti has been involved in feature, short-­‐form, fashion, music video and documentary productions for the past nine years and recently partnered with James Franco to craft and produce two feature films -­‐ TAR, a biopic on the poet C.K. Williams, starring James Franco, Mila Kunis, Jessica Chastain, Zach Braff and Henry Hopper (Premiered at Roma Film Festival 2012) and BLACK DOG, RED DOG (currently in Post-­Production), with Logan Marshall-­‐Green, Chloe Sevigny, Olivia Wilde, Whoopi Goldberg and James Franco. Both of these films are micro-­‐budget feature films that were shot in the US and that have multi-­‐narratives directed by different directors, including James Franco. While in graduate school, Shruti interned at Ted Hope’s Double Hope Films and IMAX. And as Wayfare Fellow, she conducted a yearlong research project of choice, which centered on the future of independent film and branding. Prior to NYU, she ran NYLON TV, the online channel of NYLON Magazine, where she produced over 200 videos and headed up its strategy to be developed into its own sustainable media entity. Shruti was featured in the Keanu Reeves’ documentary, Side by Side, a commentary on how digital technology has impacted the film business. Shruti got her Bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University, where she double majored in Communications Studies and Fine Arts, with a Business Minor. She hails from Muscat, Oman by way of India. Shruti is currently producing H. of Daniel Garcia and Rania Attieh and also YOSEMITE by Gabrielle Demeestere (From the Palo Alto Stories by James Franco).