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Born in Buenos Aires in 1960, Llinás studied theatre with Agustín Alezzo, mime at Angel Elizondo’s Argentine School of Mime, acrobatics with Osvaldo Bermúdez and singing with Carlos Capdevila. Between 1980 and 1985 she performedinvarious shows as a member of the Argentine Mime Company and participated at the 1982 Gauklerfestival, which included a tour of West Germany. In 1986 she formed the humour group Gambas al Ajillo with María José Gabin, Alejandra Flechner and Laura Markert, producing various shows until the group split in 1991. The group featured diverse disciplines such as dance, song, acrobatics and theatre, was at the forefront of 1980s theatre and is now considered an icon of that era. From 1990 to 1996, Llinás was part of the permanent cast in the television program of Antonio Gasalla, one of the most important comics in Argentina. As a result of her participation in this program she received the Martín Fierro Award for Best Comedy Actress (1995). Since then, she has continued to work regularly in some of the most successful comedies and TV films on Argentine television. Since 1996 she has worked in a dozen plays, including such highlights as Red Riding Hood, a Fierce Spectacle directed by Javier Daulte, and Good People directed by Claudio Tolcachir. Her theatre work has earned her numerous awards from the Association of Theatre Writers (ACE) and more recently, the Trinidad Guevara Award for best supporting actress. She has worked in over twenty films, including: Balnearios (2001) and Extraordinary Stories (voiceover) directed by Mariano Llinás; Glue (2006) directed by Alexis Dos Santos; and Cerro Bayo (2010) written and directed by Victoria Galardi. This film premiered in the official competition of the San Sebastián Film Festival, winning the Spanish television prize. For her co‐starring role in this film she received the Silver Condor Award. In late 2011 Llinás asked her brother Mariano Llinás to flesh out a project of hers called The Lady with the Dogs, and was then joined by Laura Citarella. They have been working together on the film throughout 2013, developing, researching, sporadically writing the script, shooting and putting the project (to be completed in 2013/2014) to the test.