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Born in 1955 in Israel, Elie graduated of the Israeli TECHNION engineering school in 1979. He then spent 5 years with a computer engineering company, where he developed programming languages and software engineering tools. In 1985, Elie moved to Paris and set up his own company (DECALOG) specialized in high end software for international financial services.
After selling his company in 1997, Elie became a “business angel” and participated in several startup companies. The last of these startups was DEF2SHOOT, a digital visual effects company, set up in
Through producing VFX for major French films, Elie discovered his true vocation. After a half lifetime
as a mere cinephile, he became involved in the actual making of films.
In 2003, Elie liquidated all his other businesses and dedicated himself to film making. Initially working with small French independent producers, Elie participated in films such as:
– “Monsieur N” by Antoine de Caunes, 2003 – line producer of VFX.
- “Le temps des portes-plumes” by Daniel Duval, 2005 – adaptation – 700.000 admissions in France.
- “Fragile(s)” by Martin Valente, 2006 – screenplay consultant.
- “Matath” – screenplay completed, with CNC support, film never shot.
Since 2006 Elie started independently producing films (through his French company EZ Films), both in coproduction with other countries (Israel, Romania, Germany, Turkey, Hungary) and locally in France. To date the company has completed 12 full feature films and 3 short films and has several feature films in various stages of production.
Elie is fluent in Hebrew, Romanian, English, French and Italian and shares his time between Paris and the island of Sifnos in the Greek Cyclades.