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Rolf van Eijk (The Netherlands, 1983), studied screenwriting and directing fiction at the Utrecht
School of Arts. In his second year he made the short film “Guido” which was selected for the Dutch
Film Festival in 2005. In 2007 he graduated with the film “HEMEL BOVEN HOLLAND” English title:
“HEAVEN ABOVE HOLLAND” in which he shows an unprecedented, non polarizing picture of
Mohammed B., the murderer of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh. He won the HKU AWARD for most
innovative graduation project and the Silver Mikeldi for fiction in Bilbao that same year.
In 2009 he made “DE ANDER” English title: “THE OTHER”. It’s his first (40 min) television film. It tells
the story about an Iraqi refugee who arrives in the port of Rotterdam and encounters a young Dutch
soldier who leaves for Iraq the next day.
In 2011 he made his second television film (50 min) “VAST” – English title: “INSIDE”. It tells the story
about a teenage girl in juvenile detention and her struggle to deal with traumas from her past.
“INSIDE” won a Golden Calf for best television drama at the Dutch Film Festival 2011. At the Pristina
International Film Festival INSIDE won the prize for best film in the category middle-length film.
“INSIDE” also won the Prix Genève for best screenplay by a newcomer at the International
Broadcasting Festival Europe. INSIDE was also selected for the Karlovy Vary International Film
In 2012 Rolf made his self-initiated short film “CODE A 1″ English title: “CODE ONE”. It’s a film is
about senseless violence and tells the story of a paramedic who ends up being driven to the hospital
in his own ambulance. The film shows what preceded this situation. “CODE ONE” was selected for
more ten festivals worldwide.
In 2013 Rolf made an episode for the BNN television series “VAN GOD LOS” English title: “THE
GODLESS”. The episode is called LOVERBOYS (40 min). It tells the story of lonesome teens Kevin and
Simon become friends because they have two things in common; aggressive parents and a love of
graffiti. Their friendship becomes more complex and grim when Simon wants Kevin for himself.
Gradually Simon forces Kevin into sexual actions. By ending their relationship Kevin makes a fatal
Also in 2013, Rolf made the television film ” WACHTEN OP MARISSA” (25 min) English title:
“WAITING FOR MARISSA”. The film tells the story of two eleven-year-old boys who meet under a
tree in a deserted landscape where they both have an appointment with the same girl. The two
boys start a struggle over power in a game of attraction and rejection regarding the girl. Uncertain if
the girl will show up, the two boys - despite their differences - form the basis of a friendship.
In 2014 Rolf made his first feature film “T.I.M. – The Incredible Machine” (82 min). This magical
adventure film tells the story of eleven-year-old Tibor and his best friend, the outdated robot T.I.M.
which is gradually falling apart. When Tibor hears the story of the man who is the only person in the
world who can repair his robot, he takes off on a journey to an old lighthouse in the north of the
country where this man is supposed to live. “A Magical and intelligent film with a touch of Philip K.
Currently Rolf is working on his feature film MY FOOLISH HEART, about the last day of legendary jazz
trumpeter Chet Baker who died in Amsterdam in 1988. The film received funding and is currently in
it’s writing fase.
Apart from his fiction work, Rolf is a television-commercial director at international production
company CAVIAR. In 2014 he made two commercials for BMW.