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Costanza J Bani was born in Italy, where she studied and got a MA in German Studies and Film Studies. A DAAD scholarship brought her to Berlin and she stayed. She went back to attend the film school in Rome (SNC) and for her PhD thesis on drama theory, which she terminated in London. She subsequently did research work and taught at the University of Pisa and various film schools. But her ambition always drove her back to Berlin, both when she left Rome because accepted at the dffb, the German film academy Berlin, and when she started to work in the film industry. She successfully completed the screenplay class with a script co-written with the Italian screenplay legend Suso Cecchi D’Amico and a producer’s class at isff, Institute for film and TV in Berlin. As a sideline to her academic career she worked as a journalist, scriptwriter and script consultant. However, at some point she realized her true calling is in the overall process of filmmaking and producing with a special focus on content and financing. Her multicultural background plus her passion for film and production make a skilled producer out of her, with a natural capacity for international co-productions. 2013 she joined Molly Aida Film, a Berlin based production company, focusing on co-productions of creative documentaries. Costanza J Bani is an EAVE graduate 2015 and a participant of the Cannes producer’s network 2016.