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Alejandro Naranjo is a Colombian filmmaker, studied journalism and cinematography. His work has been centred on creative documentaries and advertising. His first feature documentary The Inflated Jungle (2016) about the causes for suicide amongst young indigenous in Colombia ́s amazon region was a Spanish and Colombian co-production widely recognized in national and international events. It won the Ibermedia Fund for co-production in 2014, the Colombian Fund for Film Development FDC production in 2013 and writing in 2012, the Fund for Visual Anthropology ICANH 2012 and the Señal Colombia Co-production Market in 2014. It was debuted in Visions Du Reel in 2015 and has partaken in diverse festival such as Dok. Fest, SEMINCI, FICCI, Huelva, La Habana, receiving various awards and mentions.

In 2008, along with other young filmmakers in the region, he founded the collective DirtyMacDocs for the production of documentaries of an ethnographic nature. With them he has made films like Four Men Alone (FICCI 2015, La Habana 2015) and The Murderers (Clermont Ferrand 2013, ZINEBI 2013) www.dirtymacdocs.com