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Born in Melfi, Italy, Alfredo lives and works as a filmmaker and photographer between Brooklyn and Melfi, Italy. His work combines a documentary approach with verite narrative storytelling, shedding light on personal stories that speak to broader issues of international politics and societal changes, particularly those unfolding at the intersection between youth culture and tradition: from early photography reportages in Russia and Kosovo to Scaramucce, a coming of age short doc about Italian youngsters growing up and apart but still holding onto tradition, or Angel, the story of an 19 years old queer latino canner from New York City (canners are people who make a living picking up bottles and cans in the streets) who wants to become a Broadway star.

Nato a Melfi, Basilicata, Alfredo vive e lavora a Brooklyn, New York. La sua ricerca si concentra su storie personali che raccontano i cambiamenti sociali, particolarmente nell’intersezione tra cultura giovanile e tradizioni: dai primi reportage fotografici in Russia e Kosovo a Scaramucce, un documentario che racconta come la tradizione popolare viene modificata dalle nuove generazioni, o Angel, la storia di un 19enne newyorkese che di giorno raccoglie bottiglie e lattine per vivere, ma che lavora duramente per diventare un attore a Broadway.