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Antonio Giacomin aka fluido is a video designer and filmmaker. Born in Trieste in 1974 his first experience with video was in 1993 when he won the italian first prize at the EU Youth Programme with his short “Paure e speranze della vecchia Europa, speranze e paure della nuova Europa”. His work is based on research of alternative use of the video medium focused on experimenting different video languages from interactive art to dance video. His video works were presented in international festivals like Locarno Videoart Festival, Riccione TTV Festival, Monaco Dance Forum, Dance and Media Japan, Frammenti di Danza, Screen Dance Jakarta. In 2004 started the use of video as theatrical and scenographic element creating interactive and immersive theatrical scenes. His video scene installations were presented among others at Mladinsko Gledališče Ljubljana, Fondazione Teatro Petruzzelli – Bari, Fondazione Arena di Verona, Fondazione Teatro Verdi Trieste, Stiftung Staadttheater und Konzerthaus Bozen, Slovensko Stalno Gledališče Trst, Sejong Center of Performing Arts Seoul, Aphrodite Festival Paphos, Abrons Art Center New York, PS122 New York, Rossobastardo Live fringe festival at Festival dei 2 Mondi Spoleto. In 2008 started a collaboration as director of photography and video designer with Waxfactory – New York. After the experience at the european project Virtual access to Research Lab done for the Turin Province in 2002 using spherical photography in 2014 started to experiment VR immersive video creating various immersive videos for the videospot industry. Since 2015 is the curator of the VR section of Trieste Film Festival. In 2016 his immersive video Hotel Victoria – James Joyce Suite received a special mentioned at the Hospitality Social Award. In the same year he created the immersive experience “Scorci di vista” done for the Trieste Municipality.