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Giulia Olivieri (Milan, 1990) is an Italian Paris-based director and set designer. She graduated in Movie Direction after a Fine arts’ Academy BA in Set Design. During her last years of study, she worked as a set designer for several theaters in Italy as well as for art exhibitions, and participated in artist residencies. At the same time she began to work as a director and filmmaker, being selected for several competitions (Tomorrow, June 2nd, 1946, docufiction in VR, final competition at MFF 2016; Yurong, documentary, Cittaexpo 2015, Cinacittà Award MUDEC 2016; Domestic Process, INVIDEO Festival 2015); some of her works were broadcasted on Italian television (The comparison, commercial against bullying; Morandi 7.1, documentary). Giulia lives in Paris now, working in a creative documentaries’ and art films’ production company (La Bête). Lacking handworks, she took up her profession as a set designer for several French societies. Since she arrived in France, she won funds for her two film projects now in development: the VR experience  Psychopompos and the creative documentary Mother Tongue.