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Sergey Kornikhin is a producer from Moscow, Russia, and founder and CEO of “Droog Drooga” film company (2004). Sergey is a graduate of Moscow State University with a degree in civil law and intellectual property (2007), and NYFA (Russia) in film and digital production. His films are winning accolades at Kinotavr, Russia’s biggest film festival, his theatrical VR productions, namely “Cage With Parrots“ (dir. Maxim Didenko) and “1917” (dir. Yuri Kvyatkovsky), break new grounds in mixed-media storytelling. His latest films, “Samyy luchshiy den!” (2015, dir. Zhora Kryzhovnikov) and “I Am Losing Weight” (2018, dir. Aleksey Nuzhnyy) were notable successes at the box office, both making over $10M on a production budgets of around $2M.