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Mercedes Arturo is a multi-discipline artist from Argentina.

She started her artistic life in Theater, specializing in Costume and Stage Design, with works featured at Locarno, San Sebastián, BAFICI, Austin, London. She has also worked as a Costume Designer for Cinema, and her work includes A Family Submerged by Maria Alche and Finding Sofia by Nico Casavecchia.

In 2011 she was accepted at the prestigious ENERC (National School for Experimentation and Filmmaking) in Buenos Aires, where she studied Film Direction. Her Short film – Thesis, Traviata, traveled around the world : Russia (GVIK Film Festival), Italy (Finalist at Cinema Da Mare FF), New Zealand, China, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina. Mercedes was awarded with a Special Mention for her debut in Direction with the Fernando Birri Award in 2015 at the Nuevas Miradas Children and Youth Film Festival.

Since 2016 she lives in USA where she writes film screenplays and other audiovisual projects. She took part in BattleScar (Sundance, Tribeca, Annecy, Venezia…-), a narrative experience in VR, narrated by Rosario Dawson and directed by Nico Casavecchia and Martin Allais.

Her visual work has been shown at places like National Academy of Fine Arts of New York, Centro Cultural Recoleta and Fundación Lebensohn in Buenos Aires, and C9 Kunst Galerie in Berlin. Her work includes sculpture, performance and installations.