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Zsolt Magyari is a cinematic storyteller with a multidisciplinary background. He studied cinematography at the Romanian and Hungarian national filmschools and has a degree in Geodesy and Geographical Information Systems from the Technical University of Budapest. He has contributed to the making of numerous fiction films and documentaries in Germany, Romania, United Kingdom, and Hungary as cinematographer (My life rehearsed in one leg, The cork justifies the means, Adrenaline Turbulence, My home Tarnabod) and as stereographer (The Forbidden Girl, Lost Place), and directed music videos and short films (The Hero). He is the co-founder of Stereographer Ltd that creates high-end technology for stereoscopic filming. Zsolt has also been guest lecturer of stereoscopic cinematography at HFF Potsdam, dffb Berlin, Filmakademie Baden Württemberg, SSR Manchester.