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Memphis: reviews and articles

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“Blues Vagabondo” – Movie Review, Cineforum Web, Roberto Manassero, September 1st (Full article):

Memphis, second feature film directed by Tim Sutton after the wonderful Pavilion, produced thanks to Biennale College – Cinema, doesn’t give answers: it’s a free and wandering movie like its main character and the american mythology it explores.

Memphis – Movie Review: 4 out of 5, FilmTv.it, OGM, September 1st (Full article):

The plot spontaneously shatters in pieces, it fragments in strings of notes, in free chords, in a humming song.

“Venezia 70 – Un weekend alla Mostra” – Movie Review: 7 out of 10, Stato Quotidiano, Alessandro Cellamare, September 8th (Full article):

It’s an unusual and daring film, not classified in a genre, which reminds of the “brush stroke” cinema of Gus Van Sant, where storytelling is left aside in favor of slices of life, slices of routine, which can seem lacking in content but are evocative, narrative in an emotional way for the soul, in a less ordinary and immediate meaning. Great direction, great cinematography, great faces on screen. Tim Sutton is already a shaped and brave author.

Memphis – Review, Nuovo Cinema Locatelli, Luigi Locatelli, September 11th (Full article):

A weird and anguishing movie that, with just a little – few episodes, almost basic storytelling -, is able to communicate a sense of disadvantage and discomfort.

“Venice 2013: ‘Memphis’ review” – Movie Review: 3 out of 5, Cine Vue, John Bleasdale (Full article):

There’s also an authentic texture to Sutton’s film with its use of non-actors – who occasionally peek at the camera. Ultimately, Memphis is a bold and bewildering conjuring act, that might mean nothing at all, but the sleight of hand is worth the price of admission.

“Rapsodia in blues” – Movie Review, Cinemafrica, Leonardo De Franceschi (Full article):

The strenght of a look that drenchs stuff with tenderness and charm, and that spreads a passion for this magic city.

“Ruin – Orizzonti”, Uzak, Gianfranco Costantiello (Full article):

Who surprises, approaching in the right way for example a certain suburban cinema like Kelly Reichardt’s one [...] is Tim Sutton, with his sophomore film Memphis. A cautious, exquisite and poetic film.