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Presentation of 2013/14 Biennale College – Cinema

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La Biennale di Venezia has renewed its mission in every one of its fields. In addition to its work in promoting knowledge among the general public (the Exhibitions, the Film Festival), it has introduced a strategic programme for training young artists, the Biennale College. The programme, which was already operating in the areas of Dance, Theatre and Music, was enhanced last year by an important initiative in the field of Cinema.

Fostering young talents, allowing them to work in contact with masters in order to develop “creations”: this is the spirit of the Biennale College, a well-equipped “bridge” that gives young people that want to engage in one of the arts to do so in the best conditions that an International institution can provide.

The primary goal of Biennale College – Cinema, realized in partnership with Gucci, is to supplement the Film Festival with an advanced training workshop for the development and production of micro-budget audio-visual works, open to up to 12 teams of directors and producers from around the world.

The challenge is to be able to create – at the end of a year-long series of activities that cover the entire spectrum of filmmaking including the conception, development, production, marketing, audience engagement, sales and distribution of films – up to 3 feature length micro-budget audio-visual works that will be presented during the Venice International Film Festival and also have an on-line screening on “La Sala Web”, the virtual theatre added to the traditional theatres that house the screenings for the public and pass holders in the Lido.

You can read the full Presentation of Biennale College – Cinema 2013 in the Edition 2013 area.