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Quotes from the teams of the first edition

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Here we have some quotes the directors and producers who partecipated in the first workshop of the first edition of Biennale College – Cinema gave us: they recall their experience and explain better than anybody else the efforts and the incentives of the workshop.

Dan Smyth (The Prefect, director):

There was a memorable combination of professionalism and kinship between everyone involved at Biennale Cinema. The level of talent and expertise would be hard to match on any other film workshop.

Lee Isaac Chung (Slim Land, producer):

The workshop was a great help in putting us on the right path to knowing how to fix the script and produce the film. The intensive sessions and mentorships were truly priceless.

Moustafa Zakaria (I Dreamt of Empire, producer):

Being a part of Biennale College – Cinema was like looking into the future of storytelling as an art and as a business. I feel very fortunate to be one of the participants in its very first edition. I have a strong feeling that the College will become synonymous with cutting-edge storytelling. I know I’ll be keeping my eyes on BCC’s selected projects each year. And of course, a big shout out to my fellow BCCers, Jane and Savina, La Biennale and Gucci for making it happen.

Kasem Kharsa (I Dreamt of Empire, director):

The two weeks of the workshop were like an intense, pressure-cooker. But in the end it helped dislodge several new ideas in my imagination and finally got me to move the story forward after months of failed attempts on my own. I can’t predict where my project is going, or how it will be made, but I can say with confidence that the experience of this workshop and the wisdom of my advisors and fellows will forever be intertwined with my own future as a filmmaker.

Jenna Cato Bass and David Horler (Room 0, director and producer):

A rigorous, challenging, provoking and riling twelve days; full of the highs and lows of intense inspiration unlike anything we have ever experienced, and which we will never forget.

Vatche Boulghourjian and Caroline Oliveira (Tramontane, director and producer):

The Biennale College – Cinema is an invaluable opportunity for filmmakers and artists who are ready to advance their projects to production. The honesty and generosity of the luminaries, who dedicate their time and effort to each project, as well as the congenial and supportive atmosphere among the participating filmmakers, inspire action: to turn bold concepts into reality. We will always be grateful to the Biennale for including us, and Tramontane, in the inaugural edition of this visionary initiative.