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The 12 projects selected for 2016/17 Biennale College – Cinema

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Up to 3 of these projects – among which one Italian – will become movies who will world premiere at the 74. Venice International Film Festival 2017. The 12 projects selected for the first phase of 2016/17 Biennale College – Cinema are:

- The Anthill – Hanna van Niekerk (director, Netherlands) – Maarten Kuit (producer, Netherlands)
- Clementine – Lara Jean Gallagher (director, U.S.), Karina Ripper (producer, U.S.)
- Film di Confine – Giorgio Ferrero (director, Italy), Federico Biasin (producer, Italy)
- Inaccessible – Loran Bonnardot (director, France), Jean des Forêts (producer, France)
- In the Making – Kristoffer Borgli (director, Norway), Riina Zachariassen (producer, Denmark)
- Killer? – David White (director, New Zealand), James Ashcroft (producer, New Zealand)
- Lala – Ludovica Fales (director, Italy), Igor Princic (producer, Italy)
- Lightning Ridge – Alena Lodkina (director, Australia), Kate Laurie (producer, Australia)
- Martyr – Mazen Khaled (director, Lebanon), Diala Kachmar (producer, Lebanon)
- Mirny Mining Town – Saverio Pesapane (director, Italy), Costanza Julia Bani (producer, Italy), Fabian Martin Diering (producer, Germany)
- Night/vision – Eva Weber (director, Germany), Nicole Stott (producer, UK)
- Voice of Silence – EuiJeong Hong (director, South Corea), Afolabi Kuti (producer, UK)

Congrats to the team and thanks to everyone who applied. More soon…