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The daily diary of the first workshop

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DAY 1, Oct 5
Teams and tutors start the discussion around the 12 projects today. They are divided in 3 groups composed of 4 project-teams, a Group leader, a Script consultant, and a Production consultant:

GROUP A: Clementine; Inaccessible; Killer?; Lala
Group leader: Gino Ventriglia
Script consultant: Anita Voorham
Production consultant: Amra Baksic Camo

GROUP B: Film di Confine; In the Making; Lightning Ridge; The Anthill
Group leader: Michel Reilhac
Script consultant: Giacomo Durzi
Production consultant: Agustina Chiarino

GROUP C: Martyr; Mirny Mining Town; Night/Vision; Voice of Silence
Group leader: Jane Williams
Script consultant: Marietta Von Hausswolff Von Baumgarten
Production consultant: Mike Ryan

DAY 2, Oct 6
The workshop on visualization with Lego for problem-solving is already a must of the first workshops of each edition of Biennale College – Cinema. Once again we are having this funny yet surprisingly helpful tool this year in order to make our project-teams deeply understand their projects. The workshop is held by Paul Tyler, who will meet each project-team for a 100′ session.
Alec Von Bargen, our Visual Advisor, returns this year as well to meet the 12 project-teams to help them finding the visual features of the projects during this early stage of development.

DAY 3, Oct 7
Work never stops for the 12 project-teams here in Venice. Actually it has just started: while they keep working with their Group leaders, Script consultants and Production consultants, they also keep having the sessions with our Visual advisor and the ‘Lego sessions’…

DAY 4, Oct 8
There’s no Biennale College – Cinema without a case study from a movie developed during the previous edition. This year’s the new 12 teams are meeting alumni Alessandro Aronadio and Costanza Coldagelli, director and producer of Orecchie – Ears, one of the sensations of the 2016 Venice International Film Festival. Movie screens at night, followed by a discussion with the team.

DAY 5, Oct 9
A day of treats for our 12 teams. Our Head of Studies Michel Reilhac is holding a special presentation on Virtual Reality storytelling. After this, all teams and tutors will attend the concert of the teams of Biennale College – Music at the Teatro Piccolo Arsenale in Venice.

DAY 6, Oct 10
An entire free day for everyone. The reason? The 12 project-teams have to submit their first step outline later today, and so they have to finish writing on their own. Delivery is set at 6pm.
Tomorrow filmmakers will receive feedback from their tutors, before starting to train for another essential part of this workshop: pitching.

DAY 7, Oct 11
It’s the moment for the 12 teams of getting some feedback from the tutors on the step outline they submitted yesterday. It’s overall the beginning of the last part, and one of the most anticipated, of the first workshop: the pitch training. Stefano Tealdi, pitch trainer of Biennale College – Cinema since the very first edition, will introduce the filmmakers to the work they will have to do in order to prepare their own pitch for the 14th, day of the official presentation of this year’s projects at La Biennale di Venezia.

DAY 8, Oct 12
When you work with partners and people for days and days non-stop, it’s good to have fresh eyes and new ideas. This is the reason why teams are allowed today to choose tutors from other groups to discuss their projects with.

DAY 9, Oct 13
First pitch rehearsal for all the filmmakers. They will receive feedback from Stefano Tealdi, our pitching trainer, and also from the tutors. In the afternoon, all the producers will attend the Production workshop held by the three Producer consultants. We are almost there: one day to go…

DAY 10, Oct 14
Congrats to our 12 teams on their pitches for the last day of the first workshop of the 5th Biennale College – Cinema!