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The daily diary of the first workshop

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DAY 1, Oct 3
After bringing you Mary is Happy, Mary is Happy, Memphis, Yuri Esposito, Blood Cells, H., Short Skin, Baby Bump, Blanka and The Fits, Biennale College – Cinema is ready to find other 3 feature films to finance, develop and premiere at the next Venice International Film Festival! We are starting the first workshop of the 4th edition today. All the tutors and the 12 teams are already in Venice.

DAY 2, Oct 4
After visiting the 56th International Art Exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia , the 12 project-teams started to work within their groups on the step outlines and the budgets. The groups and tutors are composed this way:

- Group A
Projects: Maintenance 2135, A Most Peculiar Man, Ngujuar, Quixote’s Last Film
Group Leader: Gino Ventriglia
Script Consultant: Matthieu Taponier
Production Consultant: Helle Ulsteen

- Group B
Projects: Colewell, Foreverness, Mukti Bhawan – Hotel Salvation, Una Hermana – One Sister
Group Leader: Scott Macaulay
Script Consultant: Giacomo Durzi
Production Consultant: Violeta Bava

- Group C
Projects: Orecchie – Ears, Savage Youth, La Soledad, The Trojan Candidate
Group Leader: Paul Tyler
Script Consultant: Anita Voorham
Production Consultant: Mike Ryan

DAY 3, Oct 5
The 12 teams are meeting Biennale College – Cinema alumnus Anna Rose Holmer for a special case study on The Fits, winner of the 3rd edition. The film, already raved by trades like The Hollywood Reporter and Indiewire, has been defined ‘a powerful breath of life’ by the Cahiers Du Cinéma in their latest issue.

DAY 4, Oct 6
The workshop on visualization with Lego for problem-solving is already a must of the first workshops of each edition of Biennale College – Cinema. Once again we are having this funny yet surprisingly useful tool this year in order to make our project-teams deeply understand their projects. The workshop is held by our Head of Studies Michel Reilhac, who will meet each project-team for a 100′ session.
We are also pleased to introduce a new tutor this year: Alec Von Bargen, our Visual Advisor, who will meet the 12 project-teams to help them finding the visual features of the projects during this early stage of the film’s development.

DAY 5, Oct 7
Work never stops for the 12 project-teams here in Venice. While they keep working with their Group leaders, Script consultants and Production consultants, they also keep having the sessions with our Visual advisor and the ‘Lego sessions’. Tonight our Head of Studies Michel Reilhac, other than keep holding the Lego sessions, is holding a special presentation on ‘interactive storytelling’.

DAY 6, Oct 8
An entire free day for everyone. The reason? The 12 project-teams have to submit their first step outline later today, and so they have to finish writing on their own. Delivery is set at 6pm.
Tomorrow filmmakers will receive feedback from their tutors, before starting to train for another essential part of this workshop: the pitches.

DAY 7, Oct 9
It’s the moment for the 12 teams of getting some feedback from the tutors on the step outline they submitted yesterday. It’s overall the beginning of the last part, and one of the most anticipated, of the first workshop: the pitch training. Stefano Tealdi, pitch trainer of Biennale College – Cinema since the very first edition, will introduce the filmmakers to the work they will have to do in order to prepare their own pitch for the 12th, day of the official presentation of this year’s projects at La Biennale di Venezia.

DAY 8, Oct 10
A day full of music. The 12 teams of Biennale College – Cinema will attend the dry run of the concert of the Biennale College – Music students. Then they will attend the Award Ceremony of the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement to Georges Aperghis, the Greek-naturalized French composer, who literally revolutionized the way musical theatre is conceived to the point that he has become an inevitable lodestar in the recent history of this genre, and a critical influence on the practice and aesthetics of many young artists who consider him a “prophet” of modernity.
But before they will have the chance to choose a tutor that doesn’t make part of their own group to receive different feedbacks on the project.

DAY 9, Oct 11
First pitch rehearsal for all the filmmakers today in Venice. They will receive feedback from Stefano Tealdi, our pitching trainer, and also from the tutors. In the afternoon, all the producers will attend the Production workshop held by the three Producer consultants. We are almost there: one day to go…!

DAY 10, Oct 12
Here we go: today is the day. The 12 projects that participated in the first workshop of the 4th edition of 2015/16 Biennale College – Cinema will be presented today from 2.30pm to 6pm at Ca’ Giustinian – San Marco 1364/A (Sala delle Colonne, 1st floor). The panel will be introduced by Paolo Baratta, President of La Biennale di Venezia, and Alberto Barbera, Director of the Cinema section of the Biennale di Venezia.
The 3 finalists that will proceed to the production phase of the film will be announced in late November.

In the meantime… congrats to all the participants!