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The day-by-day diary of the first workshop

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DAY 1, Oct 4
After the presentation of the 12 teams this morning, filmmakers are meeting within their groups to discuss their projects. Each group is made of 4 project-teams, a Group Leader, a Producer Consultant and a Script Consultant:

- Group Leaders: Amy Dotson, Gino Ventriglia, Jane Williams;
- Producer Consultants: Violeta Bava, Titus Kreyenberg, Scott Macaulay;
- Script Consultants: Giacomo Durzi, Marietta Von Hauswolf von Baumgarten, Anita Voorham.

And for a third edition of Biennale College – Cinema that’s starting, there’s a first edition of Biennale College – Music that’s coming to an end. Tonight the BCC staff and filmmakers will attend the final concert of Biennale College – Music, with the 4 short low-budget chamber operas produced and developed through the 2013/14 edition, presented as part of the 58th International Contemporary Music Festival directed by Ivan Fedele and organized by the Biennale di Venezia chaired by Paolo Baratta.

DAY 2, Oct 5
Which case study is better than the one of a Biennale College – Cinema winner? Today the filmmakers of the 3rd edition have the chance to see Short Skin and meet with the director Duccio Chiarini, who will attend the screening and will be available for a Q&A session.

DAY 3, Oct 6
Do you remember Paul Tyler’s workshop on visualization with Lego for problem-solving from last year? We are having this funny yet surprisingly useful tool again this year in order to make our project-teams deeply understand their projects. This year the workshop is held by our Head of Studies Michel Reilhac, who will meet each project-team for a 100′ session.
This evening we’ll have also a screening that will be our case study tomorrow: Abrir puertas y ventanas (‘Back to stay’), winner of the Golden Leopard for Best Film from the 64th Locarno Film Festival produced by our Producer Consultant Violeta Bava.

DAY 4, Oct 7
As teams keep working within their groups developing their projects, other activities are held in our college as always. Today our Head of Studies Michel Reilhac, who’s also in charge of the workshop on visualization with Lego, will held a presentation on Transmedia.
Tonight we’ll have another screening that will be our case study tomorrow: A Blast, in competition at the 2014 Locarno International Film Festival, produced by our Producer Consultant Titus Kreyenberg.

DAY 5, Oct 8
Teams have worked within their groups so far, with their own Group Leader, their own Script Consultant and their own Producer Consultant. But they have the chance to meet some tutors who are not part of their group to receive extra feedback on their project today.
Filmmakers are still working hard, given that there’s an important deadline for them tomorrow: the delivery of the first step outline of the project…

DAY 6, Oct 9
Deadline for the delivery of the step outline today. Tutors will give filmmakers their feedback tomorrow, day of the beginning of the pitch training in preparation for the final day.
Katie Mustard, producer who’s been with us since the first edition, is starting her 1-to-1 consultation with each team focusing on the production aspect of the projects.

DAY 7, Oct 10
Filmmakers are receiving feedback from the tutors about their step outline, which they submitted yesterday. And today they also started the pitch training with Stefano Tealdi, our Pitching Trainer.
Katie Mustard, who keeps meeting each team for a 1-on-1 consultation about the production aspects of their project, will present the screening of a movie she produced and that was presented in the NEXT section of the 2014 Sundance Film Festival (the same one of our Memphis): Appropriate Behavior.

DAY 8, Oct 11
As the final day is approaching, the teams are working on their pitch. In the meantime, they’re also still receiving feedback on the step outline and meeting tutors also from different groups.
And if Katie Mustard is finishing her 1-to-1 consultations today, we are pleased to introduce once again Mathilde Henrot, our Distribution Expert, founder of Festival Scope: she will meet each team for a consultancy and will held a presentation on sales for all the participants tonight.

DAY 9, Oct 12
The day before the official pitch it’s all about finishing the work that has been done so far. The teams are finalizing their pitches and wrapping up their projects with their group experts. Only a few hours away from the final day…