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The day-by-day diary of the second workshop

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DAY 1, Dec 3
2014/15 Biennale College – Cinema enters a new phase today with the beginning of the second workshop. After the selection of the 3 projects that will proceed to the production phase of the film, the teams have come back to Venice to develope a more detailed step outline. They will work with a team of Experts with a screepwriting or production background. Among them there’s Samm Haillay, founder of the production company Third Films and producer of last year’s BCC winner Blood Cells.

DAY 2, Dec 4
It’s time to separate directors and producers to let them work on their own for a little while today. The directors of each project work on the new step outline with their Project Script Experts, while the producers are working on the production aspect of the movie with their Project Creative Producers. The groups are composed this way:
- Baby Bump: Giacomo Durzi (Script Expert), Lorna Tee (Creative Producer);
- Blanka: Marietta Von Hauswolf von Baumgarten (Script Expert), Samm Haillay (Creative Producer);
- The Fits: Anita Voorham (Script Expert), Helle Ulsteen (Creative Producer).
Like every afternoon of these days of workshop, teams have finally some free time to write.

DAY 3, Dec 5
Each project team is not only working within its group, composed of a Script Expert and a Creative Producer, but receives feedbacks on its work from the other Project Experts. Indeed every tutor of the second workshop is aware of the development of every project and adds further feedback other than the one that the dedicated Experts already give to their teams.
The 3 teams are working all day long, discussing with tutors and writing the final draft of the step outline until very late in the night. The deadline for submission is today at midnight.

DAY 4, Dec 6
Our Head of Studies Michel Reilhac met each team for an hour of discussion on the Transmedia potential of their project during the morning. The rest of the day is all about the step outline that the teams had to submit last night. Directors and producers discuss the storyline with the tutors in preparation for the final script of the movie.
This is the last day of the second workshop of the 3rd Biennale College – Cinema. The teams will be back in Venice for a third and last workshop concerning the visual aspects and the production of the film in January.

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