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The day-by-day diary of the second workshop

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DAY 1, Dec 4
The second workshop of 2013/14 Biennale College – Cinema starts today. Teams and tutors started working on the three finalist projects this morning: the three developed feature films will be presented at the 71. Venice International Film Festival (27th August – 6th September 2014).

This workshop is focused mostly on the script development process. The teams had to submit a first draft of their script before the workshop, and today they’re discussing and receiving a first feedback from their tutors. Each team works with two experts, one Creative Producer and one Script Consultant from the previous workshop:

- Blood Cells: Titus Kreyenberg, Anita Voorham.
- H.: Diana Elbaum, Marietta Von Hauswolf von Baumgarten.
- Short Skin: Helle Ulsteen, Giacomo Durzi.

DAY 2, Dec 5
We’re really into the script development process. Directors are meeting their script consultants, and producers are meeting their creative producers in the morning. Teams will meet their project experts this afternoon before starting to write another detailed step outline. The deadline for submission is this Saturday at midnight.

DAY 3, Dec 6
The deadline for submission of the new material is tonight at midnight. Teams are writing and working hard today to submit another detailed step outline. Tomorrow is the last day of the workshop, and it’s a full one…

DAY 4, Dec 7
Close encounters of the third kind! In the last day of the workshop, there’s a “first time” which connects two worlds of Biennale College: two meetings between the Cinema teams and the Music teams. During the morning, the Biennale College – Cinema teams attend a workshop held by theatre director Jean-François Peyret; in the afternoon, the Biennale College – Music teams attend the wrap ups, in which the 3 teams receive final feedbacks on the updated material they submitted yesterday.

The second workshop ends on December 7th, and will be followed by a third and final workshop on January 2014.