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The day-by-day diary of the third workshop

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DAY 1, Jan 10
The 2014/15 Biennale College – Cinema enters its third phase. Each project team (Baby Bump, Blanka and The Fits) has started to work with a range of professionals on all aspects of the film in preparation for production in the coming months. The tutors are:

- Martin Boege, cinematographer;
- Mike Ryan, producer;
- Mary Stephen, editor.

The teams are working also with other tutors on other aspects of the feature films in dedicated days.

DAY 2, Jan 11
While meeting the Experts and keeping working on the main aspects of the movies (production, editing and cinematography), the teams work also on the Transmedia potential of the projects with Michel Reilhac, one of our Head of Studies. Moreover, they start to work with The Film Agency, the film marketing agency that already helped the previous three Biennale College – Cinema with the preparation of the marketing strategy and communication.

DAY 3, Jan 12
We finished our single meetings between each team and The Film Agency. Filmmakers met the company for the first time to start talking about the marketing campaign and to brainstorm the first ideas. Thinking about posters, stills, trailers and positioning of the feature film in the market starts now even if the shooting has not started yet. The teams are also meeting Katie Mustard for a last time to discuss the last details about the production aspect of the projects.

DAY 4, Jan 13
This is a crucial day, given that tomorrow is the last day of this last workshop. Michel Reilhac and Katie Mustard are finishing their single meetings about the Transmedia potential and the production aspects of the projects. The teams are also allowed to meet other tutors according to the project needs.

DAY 5, Jan 14
This is the last day of the last workshop of the 3rd edition of Biennale College – Cinema. While we are writing, the teams are wrapping up after concluding all their sessions. We are all thrilled because they are coming back home and they will start shooting their movies very soon.

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