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The day-by-day diary of the third workshop

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DAY 1, Jan 11
Teams had to submit the updated material (final draft, budget, schedule…) about their own project on January 2nd. Today the start to work on them with the help of 4 tutors:

- Katie Mustard: she was an expert guest during the first workshop; she gave a lecture about the production of one of the movies she produced (Restless City) and gave consultancy to each team about their projects. In this workshop she returns as a production expert.
- Mike Ryan: he was a producer consultant during the first workshop. He worked with the group in which Blood Cells was in. He’s coming back for this workshop as a production expert.
- Ian Sellar: a brand new entry. As director expert, he’s giving each of the teams feedback focusing on all directorial aspects. He’s having one-to one sessions with the team of director and producer and with the director only, and in some cases two experts might hold a session together with one project team.
- Mary Stephen: she was an expert during the second workshop of the first edition. She’s coming back as a editing expert. She will give feedback on the first and final cuts.

DAY 2, Jan 12
Teams are working with 2 more tutors from today:

- Hans Bruch Jr.: as a DOP expert, he’s working closely with the three finalist projects giving each of the teams feedback focusing on all photography aspects. Hans was an Expert during the second workshop of the first edition of Biennale College – Cinema;
- Mathilde Henrot: our Distribution Expert from Festival Scope, who is helping the teams with sales, marketing and distribution issues. She’s been part of Biennale College – Cinema since the first edition.

The team of experts is now complete for this workshop, which is the final one of this edition.

DAY 3, Jan 13
The final wortshop of 2013/14 Biennale College – Cinema focuses on the production and the visual aspects of the three selected feature films. Teams are working with tutors on particular issues, concerning:

- how to budget to the penny and schedule to the hour;
- how to make the most of locations;
- how to cast non-professional actors and work with professional actors;
- how to choose the best camera and format for the movie.

And not only that, but… how to work with animals. Yes: each project features has at least one animal!

DAY 4, Jan 14
Last meetings between teams and tutors today. Each team has the possibility to meet an Expert to discuss a specific issue (editing, cinematography, production, direction) they need to analyze before the shooting.

DAY 5, Jan 15
This is the last day of the last workshop of the second edition of Biennale College – Cinema. We are all thrilled, because after today the teams of Blood Cells, H. and Short Skin are coming back home and they will start shooting their movies. Directors and producers are having their wrap ups with all the tutors right now. Meanwhile, each team is meeting Michel Reilhac for a last analysis of the Transmedia potential of the project.


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