09/03/2013 ˑ 

The three teams ready to shoot their movies

Posted by Biennale

The second workshop of Biennale College – Cinema ended February 1st 2013. For ten days, the teams behind Memphis, The Year of June and Yuri Esposito, the three finalist projects of the lab, have been developing their movies in preparation for shooting and producing their feature films that will be presented at the next 70. Venice Film Festival.

With an Academic Team formed of producers, directors, cinematographers and editors from all over the world, the teams have been working on the scripts and the visual identities of their projects. The tutors met every day to exchange feedbacks and notions about the work they had done with the teams during their daily sessions, with the purpose of giving their best help to each team.

There were also some screenings during the evenings: movies that the tutors have worked on were shown with the purpose of talking with the teams about some specific features of each projects. Two of these movies were Chuck & Buck, a character-driven indie movie produced by Joana Vicente, and The Runner, likely the most acclaimed feature film directed by Amir Naderi.

Directors and producers of the selected projects are now ready to start shooting their feature films.

We’ll keep you updated on the productions thanks to our website and our official Facebook page and Twitter account.