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Vajont: trailer

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Director: Iolanda Di Bonaventura

Production: Artheria (Saverio Trapasso)

Voices: Valentina Beotti, Jacopo Giacomoni, Arianna Moro

Italy, 2020 (25’)

Vajont is an interactive first-person VR experience set in the Italian valley of the same name. The story takes place a few hours before a disaster – one of the greatest Italian tragedies since the end of the Second World War. On October 9th, 1963, a landslide slipped into an artificial lake and generated a devastating wave, almost completely destroying the nearby villages. The experience focuses on a dialogue between a husband and his wife. The woman senses the risk and wants to leave, the husband who refuses any idea of danger. What is preventing us from leaving the places that we feel we belong to? The participant’s choices will influence the couple’s future.