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Yuri Esposito: reviews and articles

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“‘Yuri Esposito’ opens at Venice Film Festival Biennale College section” – Movie Review: 4 out of 5, Examiner, Moira Sullivan, August 30th (Full article):

The crisp even cinematography (Alessandro Dominici) symbolizes the finely finished product of an emerging filmmaker”.

“Venice: Lindsay Lohan’s a No-Show But ‘The Canyons’ Co-Stars Praise Her Work”, The Hollywood Reporter, Eric J. Lyman, August 30th (Full article):

Friday also marked the start of three days of screenings of the three finalists from Venice’s inaugural edition of Biennale College, a comprehensive film lab in which films were produced with funding and advice from the initiative. The first to screen was Alessio Fava’s Yuri Esposito. The film, which tells the story of a man who goes through life at a snail’s pace, earned an enthusiastic response in the Lido’s Sala Perla venue.

Yuri Esposito – Movie Review: 4 out of 5, FilmTv.it, OGM, August 31st (Full Article):

The movie, directed by Alessio Fava and written by Leonardo Staglianò, depicts the daily routine of the main character using the poetic appeal of upstream rarity at first, then focusing on it as a source of existential dilemmas and relationship issues, and eventually rediscovering it in its natural singularity, which escapes every judgment and has to be accepted for what its is.

“Alla Biennale College emozioni per Yuri Esposito” – Movie Review + Interview with Alessio Fava, Radio Cinema, Giovanna Barreca, September 1st (Full article):

With his debut feature film, Alessio Fava thrills by presenting the portay of a man of our time who must face another pace in action and words.

“Yuri Esposito – Biennale College” – Movie Review, 24 fois la vérité par seconde, Vassilis Economou, September 1st (Full article):

Yuri Esposito is the kind of film that you should await from an emerging and innovative new director and Alessio Fava is one of them. It is always necessary to have filmmakers that believe in their dream ideas and succeed to realize them. Like his hero, Alessio Fava has plenty of time to demonstrate his talent and the future looks quite promising.

“Biennale College and “Yuri Esposito””, Mick LaSalle, SFGate, September 3rd (Full article):

Stephanie Zacharek of the Village Voice praised it, and Richard Corliss of Time Magazine said it was one of the four or five best films in the entire festival. I like it very much as well, so right there . . . that’s a lot of good reviews going into the American market, that is, should anyone choose to market it. And if three out of three American critics like it, the odds are good that the reception will be, if not uniform, at least fairly consistent in America.

“Venezia 70 – Yuri Esposito: recensione film (biennale college)” – Movie Review: 4.5 out of 5, Film4Life, Simone Bracci, September 5th (Full article):

Brilliant idea and flawless interpretation, an unknown Italian hits the mark.

“Postcards from Venice, Previews of Toronto”, Richard and Mary Corliss, September 6th (Full article):

The slow Yuri is an art film in the bustle of a multiplex world. And the movie is a signficant find; it should graduate from the Biennale College into wide release.

“Venezia 70: “Yuri Esposito” di Alessio Fava, una rivelazione a Venezia 70 (Biennale College)” – Movie Review, Taxi Drivers, Rita Andreetti, September 8th (Full article):

A praise of self-acceptance, the debut feature film of Alessio Fava is the result of his participation in the Biennale College – Cinema: the only italian film to be selected and produced with a tiny budget, it’s an extraordinary work thanks to its narrative and photographic composition, in which you can find the production freedom offered by the college and that actually our cinema was missing.

Yuri Esposito – Movie Review: 4 out of 5, FilmTv.it, bellahenry, September 11th (Full article):

File under: you can do a good film even with just an idea and little resources [...] A film that’s simple as much as it is original and nice. An example for most of our contemporary cinema.

Yuri Esposito – Movie Review: 5 out of 5, Indipendenti dal Cinema, Claudio Testi, September 12th (Full article):

Lanfranchi gives an outstanding performance, he fits perfectly with Yuri’s universe.