Dancing on the edges of time is a VR movie where the languages of dance, cinema and visual arts are hybridized thanks to VR devices and interactive systems.

The project is based on the experiences of choreocinema, video dance, and experiments on the relationship between dance and technologies typical of the avant-gardes.

VR technologies are the means through which the relationship between body and device is investigated addressing some critical aspects, such as the risk of getting away from reality while the world plunges into a climate catastrophe.

Four performers will dance crossing extremely beautiful natural environments, which gradually reveal anomalous plants and other beings that are the result of hybridization with environmental pollution. These anomalies become part of the dancers’ bodies that enter into a condition of post-nature, opening up to a sensorial and aesthetic relationship with the environments they have crossed.

At the same time VR viewers, by looking through an oculus in a VR system, will be able to collect real-time data on the planet pollution, deepening their knowledge of the climatic conditions of the environments observed. At the end of the journey the VR experience will reveal some hidden and critical aspects, cracking the beauty of the landscapes and showing our present time through hyper-realistic images, displaying the possible extinction of the contexts shown.

If the visual condition of the first sets refers to the genres of fantasy and science fiction, the second phase intercepts a hyper-realistic panorama, which will lead the bodies of the now posthuman dancers to review their journey as an invitation to build a future that knows how to re-articulate the complexity of the present while respecting the fragility of the planet.